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Bustadice Script

The #1 Bustadice script with 60+ Testimonials

$49.88 USD


The script safely bets your balance every single time you play with the script! So you wont have to worry about losing all of your hard earned balance!


Even when betting the minimal and profiting in the safest way a very large majority of customers double their balance within just 10 minutes of running the script.


The script has a built-in security system meaning it will be private and not leaked to public in any way. The script is licensed so it cannot be shared or leaked.


Not only can you edit the settings, you can also edit the playstyles! Risky, safe, in-between, edit the script to match your balance. You can play with any balance!

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customer testimonials

"vouch! started with $30 and made a little more than doubled my profit while running this for a few minutes each day for 2 days! solid script overall 👍"

"Staff was able to be there for every question I had and happily helped me with anything I needed."

"this shits crazy i went from $30 deposit to $565 vouch for the # for sure"

"Guys listen started off with -$30 from previous betting and then turned into 200$ profit, OP sells the best # so helpful member ty." "Update: Now $400 profit"

kim from our Discord

XOiD from our Discord

sad from

KingstonH from

"Doubled my bits in literally 30 seconds! Literally best # in the history of scripts (I've tried alot). I recommend this 1000%"

"double my deposit. almost triple. huge vouch for this fuck arcs #. $100 deposit"

"Started with $19.54 and made my way to 2x the amount :) vouch from a newbie! Keep up the good work!"

"Vouch for this its like voodoo man deposited $25 and made $200 without any effort"

JohnSky from

cyr from

jeshee from

noah from

"Already made 6x my deposit, vouch. $20 to $120 atm."

"# is complete gold and a steal for the price. Made nearly $500 profit! Thanks again brother!"

"Easiest 4x to my money lol, quadrupled $50 to $200"

"Vouch, purchased and am 170 in profit playing very safe. Still profiting as we speak."

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